Grade 4


Home is the Best

Home is the Best

At home I feel safe and loved. My dad loves watching cricket and I love watching cricket with him too. My mom and dad give their iPhones to us so we can play games or watch YouTube on it.

Home is your heart.
Home can make you proud.
Home can make you strong. When you get bullied you can run home and find strength there.
Home can protect you.
Home can make you confident. It’s where your dreams come true.

I see my mom, dad, sister and of course me.
The sounds of phone calls, yelling and my sisters favourite shows are everywhere.
I smell the yummy rice, chips, and fries.
I taste hot dogs, cupcakes, and popcorn.

I am so lucky to have a home, but many people do not. When we drive in our city, we see homeless people on the sides of the streets asking for food, shelter and clothing. Have ever thought of helping them?

Having a home is important to everyone and Habitat for Humanity is working with us to help them.
Please join us and do your part.