Grade 5


Home Is Special

A home is a place where everyone should be cared.
When I think of my home I think of all the laughter shared.
Its sorrowful to know that some people don’t have a place to call home.
This leaves my heart spilling with sadness when these people are alone.
At my home, I love to run around my garden with my dog.
I also really enjoy when my mom and I go for a jog.
It makes me happy when my dad helps my sister learn to read.
My sisters and I like to make bracelets out of colorful beads.
I love it when my dad and I go watch hockey games.
I’m grateful for when my family helps me when I’m in pain.
Everyone’s home doesn’t have to be the same-
One mom two, dads, different last names.
My home is where my sisters and I wrestle.
Oh I love my home- it is so special.