Grade 4

Grand Bay-Westfield
New Brunswick

Home Is Special To Me

My house is super special to me. My house is a place to live and to have fun with my family, to play whenever I want, and to be warm and cozy.

My family means a lot to me. I’m very lucky to have an awesome family. I love to play with my family it’s really fun to play with my brother we play mine sticks. One of my sisters has a ukulele and we play it together. My smallest sister gives me secret notes. I love to play with my family.

In my house I can play when and whatever I want. I love to play hockey, mine stick, football, baseball, and riding my bike. I have a hockey net in my basement and I love to beg my older brother to put goalie gear on so I can snipe on him. I always win but when he gets 10,000 home runs I lose. I love to ride my bike it’s so fun because I have a big hill and I go so fast. Ones I fell off my bike and had to get seven sticks. Those are my favorite things to do at home.

My house is always really warm. I love to take all the blankets in my house and put them all on me. In my house there’s a lot of blankets and I watch a movie. It’s really important to me to have a warm home because not all homes are warm and cozy.

Having a family to live with and have fun with, playing, and being cozy is important to me. I love having a house it’s amazing!