Grade 4


Home is Special

Waking up in my home is something special to me. I heard of people out on the streets who need to pick food out of trash and off the ground. I feel sad for them. I feel joy and love in my home. Home is special.
Your home is not for you to treat in a bad way. My home is a place to snuggle up with my family, feel happy and know my family has me. Home is special.
Everyone has the right to have a home and should have one. My home is as special as every second of my life. I love my home I would do anything to keep my home. Home is special.
Home is a place of confidence, courage, and love. Your Mom and Dad support you, your brothers and sisters play with you; telling you that it’s possible to do anything. Your family is always in your home with you from the start of your life. Home is special.
When you’re in your home you can do the most embarrassing thing and not be embarrassed. A home is a place where your family warms you and fills you with happiness. To me home I know when I am at home, because I feel happy and strong. Home is special.
You aren’t alone when you are in your home because you feel your family’s warmth and the courage they give you. They heal you when you are hurt. My home the place I can go to when others discourage me. Home is special.
My home is the place I can go to when I want my family to help me get through tough decisions and hard times. My family is always with me when I’m at home. Home is special.