Grade 4


Home is Special

Home is a quiet place. My mom and dad cook me good dinner. My favourite is hot ribs on the barbeque. I really like to relax in my room and play games. My family is really important to me because they take good care of me. My little brother bugs me a lot but he loves to play with me. We play random games like remote control cars and race cars on our race car track.

When it is Winter this is when I hibernate. But when it is summer I go and play in my backyard. I love to go swimming in my pool, go swinging on my swing set, and have bonfires. In my backyard I like to chase my dogs, play fetch with them, and spray my dogs with my water gun. But let me warn you, in the Summertime my backyard is like a minefield of lawn brownies from my dogs.

Home is like an adventure. Some things are really exciting and sad sometimes. My house is a piece of history that my family and I have made into a home.