Grade 5

British Columbia

Home Is Special

Home is special to me because I have everything that I love. I have my computer, bed, dog, family and warmth.
Home is special because you have SO much stuff, you even have a family. But when you don’t have a home, you can get bullied, you have no family and so on. We can change that. We can give them a home and they will be protected. Everybody deserves to be treated nicely. We need to help the homeless so they can be just like us. We also need to get them anything to survive the wild.
If I Had A Home I Would Have:
Cutlery, Clothes, Showers, Electronics, A Family, Pets, I Am Safe, Music, Beds, You Will Be Happy, Water, Furniture, Money, Patient, A Job And A Car
If I Did Not Have A Home I Would Have:
No Cutlery, No Clothes, No Showers, No Electronics, No Family, Not Safe, No Music, No Beds, You Will Be Sad, Dirty Water, No Furniture, No Money, No Patient, No Job And No Car.
What Happens If Nobody Changed?
What If We Were All Homeless??