Grade 5

British Columbia

Home is safe

Home is safe because it’s quiet and comfortable and it’s where you roam.
Home is protected, clean, inforced and warm.
Home is safe because it’s homey and cozy.
It gives you sleep and your protected by the wals surrounding you.
Home gives you a happy life, it makes you feel creative.
It’s level and makes you calm.
Most home’s are affordable and comfortable.
I’ve owned two home’s before, and they’re both lovely.
I think every body deserves a safe home.
No one should be created badly or homeless, deserve a safe comfy home like I do.
Home is where you do Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving .
nothing is better than helping somebody get a home which is safe and cozy.
Home can be safe for many reasons, but the only that a house is missing is you.
home is where you roam.