Grade 5

British Columbia

Home is safe

home is safe
Home is a place where you can space out from the world for a bit and just be whatever you want to be my parents used to say to me. All the amazing photos, the warm fire, the fresh chicken coming out of the glistening oven and my favourite place my snug, comfy, stuffy filled bed. Home is a place where you should never be scared to enter because when something bad comes upon you, you always have your family to comfort you every step of the way. So, a house isn’t a home until you fill it with your family and memories that is pretty much all a house is to me anyway. So, when endless amounts of adventures. So, in the end home is a place for me. Home is a place for you home is a place for everyone it doesn’t matter if it is a big house or a smaller house it is your home and that is all that really matters.