Grade 5


Home is Quite a Place!

To me, home is a very safe place where people care about you. There is food, water and sometimes treats. You can celebrate traditions. You can wake up feeling safe. You can grow and get older at home. Everyday you see the same friendly faces. You recognize home and don’t want to leave home. Home is where most memories take place. Home is where you look forward to going after school. Home is a place to share with your parents and your siblings. There are a lot of advantages to home like having a space to live and store items. You can show friends how cool your home is. When you grow older you get your own home that makes you feel safe. When you are at home the biggest gift is to spend time with your family. A home is a place your parents come together to care for their children. Home is a place where through every mistake you make, your parents will always love you.