Grade 6


Home is Our Safe Place

When Avery was 4 years old, she started reading books that her 10-year-old sister would read. Soon, she found out that she was smarter than an average child. The only person other than Avery who knew about this secret was her father, who had gone missing the night after Avery had told him about her intelligence.

Now Avery was 10 years old and has managed to keep this secret from everyone. The school was boring for Avery since she was in grade 5 and her IQ was at a 10th grader. Even though her knowledge was a secret, she would always go to the library and research about schoolwork that she was interested in.

Avery always thought that school was a waste of time and that there was no point in it because some people were smarter, and some were slower learners. She thought that she should tell people what she thought about school, but she would always go back to thinking of how her father had gone missing.

One day, when Avery had gone home from the library, she had found out that her sister had gotten into a car crash and needed a load of money for an operation. So, her mother sold basically everything, but it was barely enough since Avery’s mother was not educated enough, when she sold everything, she was scammed because she wasn’t very good with math. So, then they were really poor, so Avery started working a part-time job.

She thought maybe she could start a small business since she was studying about how businesses worked, but then she thought back at her missing father, then her sister, and that went on for a while when Avery finally decided to ask her mother what happened to father since they don’t talk much about her father. Her mother hesitated for a second but then started talking, “I and your sister wanted to tell you when you were 16 but I guess I can tell you now. The truth is your father died from a fire in a building.” Avery then said, “Wait?! Then it’s not my fault?!?!” Her mother looked confused but still replied as she nodded “yes”. So, Avery decided that her knowledge didn’t have to be a secret and so she started a small business that grows quickly and gain more than enough money.

A month later, Avery’s sister was out of the hospital and looking as healthy as ever! Everyone was surprised by Avery’s intelligence and Avery finally understood why school and interacting with people was so important.

And since Avery knew what it was like to have no home and to stave all the time, Avery decided to use the money she had to make they would a better place. She had donated around 10 billion dollars to ALL the homeless and staved people.