Grade 6


Home is not just a place

To me home is a safe place where I can close out the day of have a new one begin. Home is a not just a place but a feeling. A feeling of safety comfort and love. Many people don’t have homes and all those people need help so let’s make a change. Home should have proper nutrition water and shelter. And children especially DO NOT deserve to not have a home and we need to put an end to it. I have good nutrition good water and good shelter. Everything I need to survive but a lot of people don’t get that privilege. I also get to enjoy the comfort of my dogs and family. Knowing that some people don’t have a home is really sad so that’s why the more people help and come together to make this a reality the better. Everyone that puts their fair share into this project makes a difference and we should all come along to make the dreams and lives of many family’s come true. I am proud of what we are accomplishing and we are on the right path. Let’s make this dream a reality.