Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Home is Not Just a Place

Home is not just a place to me,
home is many things. When you are dirty you
have a nice warm towel and a shower to go to
just for you. Home is family, a place where I feel
safe where I can go to sleep in a cozy bed
where I have fun with my family where
I can play games all day and all night. A place where
I can walk in and there is a nice warm hot meal
waiting for me and my family saying I love you
all the time and all day, too. When my mom is
waking me up with a warm hot breakfast and
my dad wakes me up with a dirty sock and you
just can’t get enough. When you feel like home
to me the warm and gentle comfort of the
familiar things. Home to me is a safe and
peaceful place where I can relax and be free.
You feel like home to me with your knowing
smile and you can put me at ease. You feel like
home to me and here with you is the only place
I will ever be.