Grade 6


Home Is Not Just a Place

Home is where my heart is, home is where I’ll stay.
Home is where my family is faithful all the way.
My family can help me; my family stays true.
I’m loved, and they would never switch me out for someone new.
My home is part of me. Take it out and I would die
Of my broken heart and sadness ‘cause my home had said goodbye.
Home is where I work. Home is where I play.
Home is where I read and draw and snuggle all the day.
My home is what I am, my home is what I love.
Hope and peace and love and joy is what my home is made of.
Measure out the love, my home is the full length
When troubled times await me and I need some help and strength.
Home is where my heart is, home leads me on my way.
Home is where I’ll never leave, and where I’ll always stay.