Grade 5


Home is not just a building

House, tent, shack, hotel
Apartment, shelter, building
Home is a place in which you feel safe, secure
A place where you can dream
A place where you belong, rich or poor
A place to be loved
A place to shelter you when you’re unsure
A home may not be a building, may not even have a roof
But it must always be somewhere that you feel bully-proof
Each home is unique, never exactly like another
Home could smell lovely, like a fresh batch of cupcakes
Home could feel warm, or cold like snowflakes
Home could be peaceful or bursting with life
Home is with loved ones, sisters, a father, a wife
Home is not a building of strife
Home is a place from which you can safely roam
Home is where you feel, at home
Home must feel warm after the geese have flown
Home must feel safe even if there’s no phone
Home must feel full, with some dogs and their bone
Home must feel trustworthy, withstanding sharp stones
Home must be with loved ones even in a war zone
Above all else, home must be a place where you don’t feel alone