Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Home Is Not A House

What is home I wonder?
Is home just merely a house?
NO! Home must mean more
Home is not the roof over your head, home is the place you come to when you’re down. Home is different for everyone. Home could be the place where you’re from or the restaurant you loved, home could even be the family that you love. Home is special. It could be your culture, purpose, or beginning, it comes in all shapes and sizes small or tall, thin or wide, grand or bland. Home is a place that cannot be stolen because home is not a house. Home is so much more. Home makes you feel safe and comfortable. It makes you feel happy and cheerful. But some people do not have a home which is the worst thing of all. Everyone should have home no matter how bad, mad or crazy they are. Home is something everyone needs and something you should care for well. Home is something everyone values very much. The feeling of getting a home is a feeling of bliss, a feeling that you will never forget. It’s something you will always cherish. Not a house but, a place that only you will know is home.