Grade 6

campbell river
British Columbia

home is neat

Home a place where the sun always shines and the food` is always tasteful. Home a place where the stars always come out. Home is a place where the beds are soft and warm not moist. Home a place where family dinner is sometimes awkward and mom yells at you to eat your vegan chicken wings when you’re on the Xbox. And alas my mother my own flesh and blood she makes the rules and the food and sits in her mom chair. my home is on Quadra. It is beautiful. There are many trails to hike and lakes to swim and a lot of really awesome food. Home where chicken and waffles are delicious and we always ware comfy pants. My Tv, my Xbox, both of which are mine I love stuff more importantly my stuff my Computer my all essentials in life. my home I love my home and it loves me or maybe not I don’t know. My home is super sweet I love it more than traffic cones and that’s saying something but I must bid you farewell even though your home may be bad you can always make it better.