Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

Home is my special place

Home to me is where I feel free, it’s a special place where I want to be.
Home is also a place where my family and I can let loose, as in be nothing but ourselves! It’s where I feel safe and sound, not put down.
I can dream big at my home, not small. I do the things I love to do at my home like play with my little brother. At my home my family doesn’t like me, they love me!
At my home I can say how grateful I am for them, and everything I have from them!
Some of the things I love to do at my home is do sports, relax, read stories and much more. I feel like a house is what you see but a home is what you feel. I think that a house is somewhere nice but you don’t feel the love and strength that you feel at your home.
I love it when I just get home from school and my cat Katie is sitting by the door waiting for me to come home and lay with her.
It makes me feel pretty darn important when I see that!
This is my special place

Thanks for reading