Grade 6


Home is My Safe Zone

One night the Oilers were playing and my little brother and my dad really like the team so they were watching the game. I was in our second living room that looks out to every one of our shops and tractors. My mom was in the room with my brother and dad watching her own show on her iPad. At 8:30 pm it was dark and I heard something outside but I thought nothing of it. It could have been a coyote, owls or even a fox. So I kept doing my thing and so did the rest of my family. But suddenly about 10 minutes later I heard a truck and I started thinking to myself ‘should I go and ask my dad what’s going on?’ So I did, my dad just told me it was just my uncle Darel. I wasn’t convinced, so I went to bed to think.
The next morning my mom and dad woke up and they drank coffee until my mom needed to call my grandparents. She went to the room where I was in last night and made her phone call. While she was on the phone she didn’t see my dad’s white truck out the window. So she told my grandma and grandpa she had to call them back. Immediately she called my dad into the living room he said that I told him about something happening outside last night by the shop. When I woke up my mom and dad told me to tell them what I saw and heard last night. I told them everything, I had enough information to tell them to call the cops. The cops said they would look into it, but they never ended up finding the truck. The thieves took my dad’s tools, trailer hook and even got into my dad’s secret stash of skittles they were all over the truck and they also ate all of the gum.
I felt kinda scared about the whole situation because this stranger that stole the truck knows where we live. But now I feel safe and sound and back to normal like they used to be. It made me think about how some people don’t have a safe home. This is a problem because home is so important and everyone deserves to be safe.