Grade 6


Home Is My Safe Place

Home is my safe place,
My warmth, family and love,
Every little piece of me fits in there,

My home taught me,
Made me – me.

Everyone in my home tells me I’m loved,
With their providence and teaching.

Some may ask, what is home?
Home is where you are safe,
Your heart and your patience.
Sometimes, home can be rough,
But every little piece fits in somewhere.

If your piece is hard to fit,
It may look wonky or lopsided,
But I guarantee there will be a place for it.
Even if you are new to the puzzle,
Sometimes there’s a missing piece to it,
That you have to find.

If I didn’t have my safe place,
My world would be wounded,
Even if it healed, it will be bruised.
That’s why my home,
Is my safe place.