Grade 5

British Columbia

Home is my life!

My home is important to me.i have lived there since i was born. my home is important and special because of my cat when my parents
gave him to me and i named him, when my dog used to lick me in the face when i was sad, when my mom owned a daycare and i helped with the kids, when i was 9 and i got my first hamster, all of my toys and stuffed animals, my dad and mom but they split up so know my mom owns a condo and my dad still has the house but that is not a story for know, the yummy smell of tuna casserole, my family room where we used to sit on the couch and snuggle , the back yard where me and my dad made my beautiful tree fort and me and my mom made our wonderful garden with all of our spring flowers , down stairs where me and my dad made a suite together, my front yard of where my dad and gave me the biggest hugs and my mom gave me the biggest kisses, and the entrance way of where i come Home!