Grade 5

Cobble Hill
British Columbia

Home is my heart

Home is in My Heart

My heart is in my home
Home is where all my memories are.
Good ones, bad ones, happy ones, sad ones
They are all in my home.

Home is where traditions are made.
Home is where games are played.
Home is where pets are loved and people smile with joy.

Home is where my family is.
Home is where my heart lives.
Home is the place where I live.

My home is a place that is always safe.
I never feel afraid in my home.
My home has all my love
Now and forever.
I will never stop loving my home.

My home means the world to me,
my home.
My home is my world.

My home is love, warmth, comfort, protection.
My home is all of it.

We are lucky beyond belief.
For we have a home that’s safe and warm and provides protection.

But not everyone has that luxury
We take for granted.
They have no home,
No place where family thrives
No roof to keep them dry.

We are so lucky.
For we have a home.
Home is in my heart.
So never ever stop loving your home.