Grade 5



My home is my life and joy
My home is my retreat to the beach, after I camped out in the desert
It is where I share memories
It is where my family grows
I always feel belonging and security at home
This is the best treasure anyone could give to me
It is better than silver, better than gold
It is better because you could have those things
but never truly belong
I know my safety is always at top priority
Being afraid when I am at home is like being scared when I have 10 bodyguards around me
I’ve share laughs and hugs and so many good
memories my family and I
We recently renovated our house
I will always remember the old one
The walls of solitude and serenity
Living room of love and cuddles
The counter I sat on where I cooked my first dish
The couch we enjoyed laughs together
My home is where I want to be