Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home is my Happy Place

My home is filled with happiness when my family smiles, You feel a warmth in your heart.
The hugs you get when you’re sad the hugs you get you couldn’t just get at a house , you get real hugs at a home!
A house is not home , it’s the people in the house that matter .
My mom makes it home my dad and step mom make it home that’s what matters.
Some people say what’s the difference between a house and a home ? there is so much different then a house and a home .
A home is where you can be yourself and feel loved.
A house is where you don’t feel as loved because your family isn’t there!
For me my family makes it home my dad mom brothers and step mom, and my pets make it home for me that’s where I feel safe .
Home is where my happiness is .