Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

Home Is My Favorite Place

A home is a place with warmth and shelter, a place where you live your best life with your family and friends. Home is a place where you can be yourself, be ‘coo coo’ and be crazy. Home is a place to sleep, to eat, to love and to hug, to be kind and to forgive. Home is where your parents are if you are scared or down they can cheer you up and snuggle you on the couch. When you are happy, play a game with your family in your nice warm home. A home is a place where your pets roam free, where fish flow, where dogs bark and cats meow. Home is a place where the fun never ends! Home is a place where you say thank you and you’re welcome. I have loved my house my whole life! If I did not have my ‘home’, I would not be the same.