Grade 5

Stirling Rawdon

Home Is My Everything

Home is the place where I sleep and where I eat
Home is where i’m raised
i’m raised by parents at home in a safe and in a wonderful environment
When I see or when I hear that people are on the street
Due to burning homes or getting kicked out
I feel grateful that I live in a safe and secure home
Home is where I live
Home is everything to me
My parents are always there for me
And I’m always there for them
I hate to see people cry
Especially when they have no house
Home is where I play
Home is where I work
Home means the world to me
Home is where I do almost everything
I can’t stand thinking about my life without a home
I feel so bad for the people who don’t have homes and that live on the street
When there is a home there is always a family
When there is a home there are always friends
The people that work at habitat for humanity are wonderful
They help people in need of a home
They find ways to make people feel happy again
They help families and children to keep warm in the winter with a home
Home is the world to me and students in my class
Home is everything to my parents
Home is something i will never forget
Home is my everything