Grade 6


Home is Much More…

Home is much more than a simple noun, more than a word without a crown.
When I think of home I think of so much more, I think of the love that I adore.

Home is something unexplainable, it is irresistible!

Home makes me so happy, I think of my friends and family.
When I have dinner I am so thankful that we have food and the roof over our heads and I get to sleep in my warm cozy bed.

When I think of home I think of laughter and all my friends coming together. The warmth that keeps us away from the cold, the stories that have yet to be told.

Home is not just a house, to have a home you have to have the people you love with you in it. Yes, you might get scared of the darkness, but wherever you are you’re safe regardless.

Home, something so hard to explain, you just have to reach for the love on the bumpy terrain. One home can carry so many memories that are shared with friends and family for all the ages.

Home is so much more, more than you can imagine and more than you can think of. A home can come in big or small, you can even build a wall.

This program called Habitat for Humanity is doing a great thing. Raise money, help others, show courage, and stand tall.

Let’s help people and become greater than all.