Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia

Home is more than a roof

A house is not a home without love. In a home you need to be loved but also need to love others in your house with you. Loving my family is a big part of me and that makes me feel like home. All the way from my dog to my parents to my sister I always love. Home is a place that you do you. Home should always be a safe place no matter what. It should also be somewhere that you are loved, and you love others.
Home is a great place to be because no matter what you can be free to be yourself. Home sometimes means you can just sit down, play a video game, watch television and relax or just explore you mind and be creative. Sometimes home means to hangout with family, pet and yourself.
Home is a spot everyone needs to be loved from the day you are born to the day your die. No matter what you do at home like chores or homework it might not be your favorite thing, but you try stuff and see what you think of it. Sometimes you might not be nice or loving to others, but happiness comes from everything you do.
It’s sometimes good to have more than just your family, to have pets to because they can sometimes cheer you up. After school when I get home I just want to sit down and be with my dogs. A big piece of home is my loving pets.
Home is everything you like and do. It should be a harmless place for you to have and to love everyone and yourself. Some people will have their family and fun little furry friends to be with. Home is everything that happens under the roof.