Grade 4

East St. Paul

Home is love…

Home is Love
Home is love, home is hope. When I think of home, I think of friends that love us so. Your home is house and it is the people inside it too. I sleep in a bed like you. But most of all,
I have a family that loves me. I play games with my family
that I love. Friends can come over and play
on special occasions. Home is joyful because I can play sports there. God lives in every house like mine, not for a dime. Joy is the happiness you feel when you have a house. Not everybody has a family. A home is where my family makes cakes and treats, yummy cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven and movie nights with popcorn. I love my life! I love it when my friends come over and play in the
pool and hot tub. Why have a house when you can make home a better place?