Grade 5

Red Deer

Home is Love

Home is where I can have the best sleep.
Home is where I can be comfortable and safe.
Home will hold all your memories and old stories.
Home is a way to spend time with family.
Home is a place that keeps me and my family warm from the cold coming from outside.
My Home is small but I love it anyways.
Home is a place where I can do my homework when I can’t go to school.
Home is where I can play with my friends.
Home will make you feel warm, cosy and safe with family.
Sometimes you just have to appreciate what you have and what you’ve got in life.
Home is a bubble of love and kindness around you.
Home is where you can have fun, play, and joke around sometimes. but you still get to enjoy the time you still have with family and friends.

PS. This story is how I feel about my house and it’s everything I just said and makes me happy about what I wrote.