Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Home is love!

Home isn’t just a place to relax…
Home isn’t just the place to play…
Home is a placed your loved in!
It’s a place where you laugh,
It is where your memories are made!
A home is not just bricks put on top and beside each other…
It is a place most people visit!
It’s a place you can make a lot of art pieces!
A home is a place you get taken care of and loved,
You can move houses but memories from everywhere are still with you,
just because you moved, doesn’t mean the REAL home is gone.
It’s not a home because of its looks!
And It’s not a home because of the colors!
It is a home when you’re loved in it, you make memories in it, and you enjoy spending time there!
When people don’t have homes…
That doesn’t mean they don’t have love!
Even if they don’t, there must be somebody from high up watching them!
But homes are still something more than that, home is a place where you learned almost everything! It isn’t very good that some people make memories on the streets!
Donating helps the ones on the street, the kids that are filled with hunger, and donating helps people live sometimes!
Imagine how happy they would be if they got food, clothes, or even a home!
I’m pretty sure they would be really happy!
Even if you’re just giving them things that are too small for you now, or things you don’t need!
They could still be happy!
Home means a lot to people!
Some people might have never had homes…
but there’s a chance they can get one if we help!
Home is love!