Grade 5


Home Is Like A Garden

To me home is like a garden.
With different flowers for different feelings.
The marigolds are the fun and joy!
The cherry blossoms are the peace and quiet.
The roses represent love and family.
The orchids are comfort and protection.
The poppies are the sadness we have experienced.
The weeds represent the fights we have gotten
And if a flower falls down you can regrow it.
Just like in a home where someone’s heart gets
broken, you can always repair it.
And every time we have a new experience
Or have a different feeling
A new flower will grow.
And hopefully in the end our garden will
overflow with flowers.
And then from our flowers new seeds will spread.
The seeds will find their way to people
without a garden.
Until everyone has a seed that will grow into a flower,
That will grow into a garden.
That will grow into a home.