Grade 4


Home is like a Book

Home is like a Book by : Maya Chapman

Home is like a book. There is always a new chapter. It could be a joke book where a family laughs and has fun and it could be a biology book about Nikola Tesla or Mother Teresa, maybe Albert Einstein. The book could be this story that I am going to tell you right now.

My name is Maya and I want to tell you what home means to me. When I get home from school my mom is doing homework but she is happy to see me and my sister. I have a sister named Juile and I play with barbies with her a lot and it is fun. When my parents are home they put me in bed when it is time for bed. I say goodnight and they say it back. I walk to my room, get in bed and drift off to sleep. Then my cat named Fluffles comes into my room and sleeps with me. I have toys, an ipad so I can not go bored and my sister is playing barbies. I play the game called Among us on my ipad .

Home is where you can have a break. Home is comfortable and affordable. I think that everyone should have a home. Home means family. I think home is where you can be yourself and sit back and relax. Home means everything to me.