Grade 4

British Columbia

Home is Life

Home is a place where everyone lives and where I can do things with my family. For example, I can bake new things and learn new things. What makes my house a home is when it is filled with love and happiness by my family. I feel safe when my parents and sister hug me, I feel cozy by getting a blanket, watching a movie with my family, and staying up all night. I am comfortable when I play Roblox and snuggle in a blanket and eat noodles Nutella and watch Netflix. It’s so fun!! My things that are sometimes personal to me, are very special, and also make my house a home. My feelings of home are very comfortable and very cozy. Home in Dubai is not very different, it is the same idea as home in Canada. People that don’t have a home in Canada can get a house sometimes from Habitat for Humanity. Home is life!