Grade 6


Home is Key

Home is Key

Home is love.

Home is hope.

Home is peace.

Home is where your imagination can run wild.

You don’t need a house to have a home, which is a safe place a safe place from the elements of the world.

Home is beautiful, no matter how it looks, home is special because of the memories.

Every moment is a memory, good or bad.

When I feel sick, the people take care of me to save my thoughts from stress and worry.

Happiness inside a home is where the people are, curled up playing family games.

Home is where I sleep, relax and love my puppy.

The books inside my house are its curiosity, the furniture are its organs, but the most important part is the humans which are the heart. The love is the house’s stimulation that keeps it going through harsh weather. The walls aren’t to separate, but to protect, hug and love the people back.

Homes and houses are like a retreat from the world, to make more memories and thrive under the harshest of times.

A house is a key to thankfulness, while a home is a key to any heart.

When I feel sad, laughter peaks through the cracks of sadness, even when I feel mad, happiness and laughter find a way.