Grade 6


Home is Incredible

Have you ever walked into your house thinking this is my place to relax to feel safe to be with my family? Have you ever had a bad day and, then you got home and there were the people to support you? That is what home is to me.

One thing that I love about my home is my family. At home, I have time to play with my family and mess around. Family movie night, board games, those are things my family does at home. Those are things that let us bond. Another amazing thing I do with my family is playing in the backyard. We run around chasing the dog. Things like that make my family cheerful and glad! Home is a place where my family is there to support me and I support them.

Safety is important, that is what my family cares about most. The safety of the walls and roof around me. To protect me from bad people and ferrous weather. Another thing that makes me feel safe is my dog, even though she is a runt when she comes and curls up beside me, it makes me feel safe.

Home is a space where I can relax. After a bad day at school, home is amazing, in the comfort of my bed and my sister to cheer me up. Speaking about my sister, my sister’s home is a place where me and her can hang out and go play.

These are the reasons why home is incredible and why it is my favorite place in the whole world. Home is a place I can feel safe, a place where my family is, a place I can relax. That is home to me.