Grade 4


Home is in the air

I open the door the cold winter air, the snow on the ground, the foggy weather. The place of all shapes and people of all colors, The warmth of the sun fills our hearts yet too bright to see, but we all know it’s there. The heart doesn’t have to be in one place, It can bed with your family, it can be with your friends, It can be at school, or at home, it can be at a restaurant, at church, or at a shop. wherever It is you know it never ends. The Heart follows you wherever you go. Life is like a flower you are first born like a seed ,being planted in soft soil. Frist you go to school, like growing your first leaves When you first graduate from college It is like blooming your petals When you get a job it is Like being a heathy Beautiful Flower that you are

What home means to me
Home is where the heart is but my home is in more than one place. It’s at school, It is in my backyard, Its in space, Its In a park, Its near a lake, Its in heave Its in my Community Its everywhere.