Grade 5

British Columbia

Home is in my Heart Forever

Home is in my Heart Forever

Everyone needs a home. A home is more than a house. It’s also the people and pets that share it with you. As well, a house has all of your special belongings and personal things. This makes a house feel like a home.

My home is comfortable and warm and it is a place where I feel safe and loved. Home is where I can escape from the world and bad thoughts. It is a place where I can be myself. It is where my imagination can be wild and free and where I can express my feelings. My room is very calming and I like to read and draw or play music there.

I am happiest at home. I like spending time at home with my family and pets. My pets, Clover and Zyla, are always there to comfort me and make me laugh. They are so cute and always make me smile. My room is full of things that are special to me like things I have made or things that have been given to me. They remind me of good times and this keeps me happy.

I have lived in my home my entire life, so I have a lot of good memories. I have memories of many Christmas’s, Halloweens, and birthdays that I have celebrated with my family. I have memories of my old pets that have passed too.

My home is a part of me. It’s with me where ever I go. My home keeps me warm, happy and safe, like a hug. My home is a place I will never leave, it is in my heart forever.