Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Home is Important To Me

Home is not a place with 4 walls and a roof,
Home is a place where you can be you.
The foundation of a home is not just bricks and mortar,
It’s a home full of family supporters.
It’s where kids come to play and families sit and pray.
A healthy home that can do it all,
Where fun is had summer, winter, and fall.
Home to me is more than you think,
It’s where fun can happen in just one blink.
When we gather around the table it’s much like a fable.
It’s love and laughter that will go on forever after.
Home to me is more than you see,
It’s where you can grow up and be what you want to be.
I hope you know how much home means to me,
It’s for sure the greatest place to be.