Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Home is important because ……………

Home is where your life begins. Home isn’t just a place where you eat, sleep and live its a place where you have family that loves you and you feel emotion and make beautiful memories. Home is where you can be safe and protected by your loved ones. Home is made out of memories and family. This contest will help the people who don’t have a home to have à forever home. If 60,000 people donate that will be 600,000 towards helping people in need.

What home means to me is love and emotion and most of all my family. My dog, my sister, my mom and dad are one of my most prized position. Home isn’t ust à thing that is made of wood and bricks, it would be something that you would sheree’s for your whole life. Home is the place that I love the most and the people that are in it. My home is beautiful and majestic and the place I love.

My home is a place where I have my own space and where I can have privacy. Home is a place where I can get dressed and no one can see me. Home is à place where you can have à warm shower or bath. Home is a place where you Can eat supper, cook food and do the stuff you love. Home is a place where you can spend time with your family and love them.