Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia

Home is important

Home is everything that is important to a person. Home is somewhere you go to feel safe, relax with your family and you can be comfy. But unfortunately, some people in the world don’t have a home.
Do you know a safer place than home? Home is probably one of the places you think of when heard the word safe. You are safe at home for numerus reasons such as having a lock on your door, it is such a simple mechanism just one turn, but some people don’t have this simple mechanism on there door. After a long hard day of work or school where people where mean to you or so thing happened that was bad you can go home and feel safe and relax.
Home is where you feel most comfortable. You can wrap up in your favorite blanket put your robe and slippers on, lay down by the fire place and watch a movie on a cool winter night. After a bad day of work or school, you come home to know you will be comfortable there.

Home is where you hang out with your family. If you think about it, you spend a long time with your family. Family’s playing board games, watching movies or just eating together. Your family would cheer you up if you had a bad day. Your home is where you are loved and welcome but unfortunately some people don’t have a home or a family.
Your home has everything you need; a comfy couch, a loving family and you feel secure. At home you see your family, you play games wrapped up in a favourite blank while all at the same time you are secure. This is why your home is important!