Grade 6

British Columbia

Home Is Home

Home is Home

As I stand on the porch, the frigid wind whipping at my face, I feel relieved of the weight of the horrific day. I hear the soft pad of footsteps coming to the door. My parents swing the door open, and I’m met with an overwhelming aroma of smells, food and more food waiting for a wanting human to dig in.
I hear my dog rushing up to me and I am flung to the ground, her face licking mine rapidly. I stand up slowly, pushing her back gently, and step into my home.
My hands, clamping on to the brittle straps of my bag, release them satisfyingly, and flinging my bag to the ground, they feel the warmth of the crackling fire welcoming my arrival.
My mother wraps me in a blanket, and sits me down at the table, after a quick glance at me, welcoming me in. I am extremely ravenous, and I devour the delicious food that sits before me. It’s taste is like a best friend’s hand patting me on the back. It warms my insides, and my mind is brought to the complex word of home.
I feel extremely grateful for the food, and am met with other feelings, satisfaction, happiness, and in some ways sadness at how overly lucky I am. No matter what I’m feeling right now, all that matters is the sweet, exceptional taste of home.
A home’s relief is like a soft voice in your ear telling you it’s gonna be okay. I hear that voice currently, and it is an old friend helping me recuperate after the bitter taste of school. Home is home.
After the extravagant meal that is now consumed my family scuttles off to the family room, and we crack open a board game and start to play. The game is blissful and it beneficially consists of teamwork. I watch silently studying my moves, as I contemplate the well known game pieces, well used over the years.
I feel a certain feeling that can barely be described by words. The pieces are part of home. I regard whether home is a place, and I realize something monumentally important. Home isn’t a place. Home is a feeling; a peace of the mind, and I feel peaceful. Home is home and there is inexplicably nothing that can change that.