Grade 4


Home is Home

The reason why I love my home is because I have peace, love, a roof over my head, loved ones, family, and memories.
A house you can replace but a home you can not. A house can be anywhere but home is in one place. Home gives me love, a hug of love, happiness, home is peaceful. I am thankful to have a home you should be happy to have a home because some people don’t have homes. Homes to me is my mom, Aaron, Aydan, Angelle, me, Saida, and Josh. Smells in my home are pizza, fresh air, chicken noodle soup. Home is a felling of love to me. It’s built with love and dreams. If I had a little house I would still be thankful for it because I have a home. If my family was rich I would give people money so that they would be able to have a home with fresh food and clean water too. Home is a safe place to live. Home is home.