Grade 4


Home is Home

The reason why I love my home is because I have peace, love, a roof over my head, love ones, family, and memories. A house you can replace but a home you can not, a house can be anywhere but home is in one place where I feel love that I have, a hug of love, happiness. Home is peaceful.
I have a home, you should be happy to have a home because some people don’t have homes. Home is who I live with; my mom, Aaron, Aydan, Angelle, me, Saida, and Josh. The smell of home is pizza, air, Chicken noodle soup. Home is a felling of love, to me it’s built with love and dreams. If I had a little house I will be thankful for it because I have a home and one day when I have a small home I will always be thankful for it. If my family was rich I would give people money and I would give food to them and water.
Always be thankful for what you have, I am thankful for my home.