Grade 6


Home is Home

You can share your home,
You can live in it alone.
In your home you can walk or strut.
Home is home no matter what.

I share my home with family and friends,
We have lots of fun that seems to never end.
In my home you can hear music and birds,
And all the positive sounds that anyone has ever heard.

I have a cozy, comfortable home,
But some don’t.
They have to wander from place to place,
Everyday they are in a different space.

Lots of people are trying to help,
So they shout and scream and give a big yelp,
“All people need homes,
Just like our own!”

They created a writing contest,
So that grade 4 ,5 and 6’s could join this quest.
And so that we can rest,
While knowing that we have tried our best.

My home has a pleasant backyard,
At night you can sit there and see the stars.
In the day you can run and play,
If you are lucky you could see a blue jay.

The sun will streak through the windows of my home,
Where all magical creatures roam,
Like delicate elves, beautiful fairies and scampering gnomes.
Of course that is all from my imagination.

My memories still dance in the shadows,
Like the adventure I had on my fourth birthday froze.
All of this is how I think of home.
My home is home no matter what.