Grade 6


Home is home

Home is a safe place
Home is where I eat food
Home is a nice place to see my parents
Home is where my friends come to play and have fun
Whenever I go home I feel a sense of relief and I know that without my home I would be nothing. When I’m in my home I know I would be protected with a warm fireplace.
My home is full of love, my mom and my dad’s encouragement. And you don’t know how much homes mean until you don’t have one. Not all homes feel the same but they have one thing in common, they all have a warm heart and are full of love.
A home can be anything schools,churches,cabins, they can even be your friends house. A park is just like a home if you like it and feel safe there. Everyone needs a home. I wish I could do more but I can’t help everyone within my community. I wish I could help everyone get a home with more than four walls and a roof. I can help today by donating money to people with no home by writing this .