Grade 5


Home is Home

Home is home

Sometimes you move but some times you don’t. It’s better to stay were you live then you move. When it storms you’re safe inside then outside in the cold wet grass.

You’re under a roof but others aren’t. When you don’t have a home you’re going to be cold,wet and sad with out no home. When others don’t have a home it makes me very sad. We have families in a house others don’t. I have seen a lot of homeless people and it made me very very sad. When others are on the side walks it makes me feel bad for all of them.

They all deserve a chance for a home no matter what. They all need one so they can be warm and dry. They need a home to be safe not on a sidewalk or grass. They need our help to have a better life and not a sad life. They all need to be happy and not sad. My dog makes me very happy when I am at home, I’m never sad when I’m with my dog. She might be annoying but I don’t care, she makes me very happy, not sad.

No one should be on the sidewalks they all deserve a home or a hotel they all need to have a place to stay. Some people have to sleep outside not in a tent. In the summer it’s too hot for all the people they just can’t take the heat. In the winter it’s too cold for them so in the summer they need to be somewhere not too cold but not too hot. Same has the winter they need to be warm and not freezing cold. If you see someone on the sidewalk help them out we all need a chance to be safe. Do you think they need a chance? well they all need a home.