Grade 6


Home Is Happiness

When I come home, I have my family,
When I come home, I don’t always see how lucky I am to have this home.

Where I can laugh and smile,
Where I can cry and frown,
I can be me in my home.

I have a room, all to myself, where I read and play and draw.

My home is warm and safe, it’s happy,
My home is comforting and it’s nice,

It’s where I sleep at night,
It’s where my family loves me no matter what I do or say.

I feel sad thinking about others who are less fortunate than me,
Who don’t have a home and are most likely sad and lonely,

I want to help give them what they deserve,
So I’m writing all of these words.

My home is my favourite place to be,
It’s safe and warm and so happy.
My family and I have our special place to be.

I want everyone to have their own place where they can be safe.

I love my home,
It’s where I’m meant to be,
It’s where I can make lots of memories.