Grade 5


Home Is Happiness

A home is a place where you live permanently. Being a member of a big family is good because we all speak the same language and eat the same food. Our tradition is about having a big family. Back home we all live together, no one really moves out of their parents house because they have a very big house.
Home is a happy place to be because of who lives with you, family means a lot to me. I love my mom and dad and i’m happy to live with my parents and grandparents. I appreciate everything i have when i walk around my home. I feel lucky to live with my family.
My home is a safe and a comfort zone for me. My home is a place to rest and be myself in it. My home is enjoying my time for me and having my friends over at anytime i want. My home is a place where i can truly be myself.
Our home protects us from the environment and the weather. At my house it’s my job to keep my room clean and my clothes hanged. Sometimes i help my mom with chores. I enjoy working at home, because i like to keep my home clean. After i’m done helping, my mom rewards me with something i want.
My home is a place to build memories as well a way to build the future. A place where you can share a lot of love and get it back. It doesn’t matter where I live as long as I have my family with me. The more time i spend at home the more it will reflect on me , be good so your home becomes good. I’m lucky to have my Home.