Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is Fun

The meaning of home to me is fun! Fun to me is playing with toys and your parents, siblings, and friends while climbing trees and playing at a playground. Home is caring. Caring to me is when someone helps you when you’re hurt or when you’re upset.
Your parents care about you being safe and respectful, and they take care of you when you need help. Food is very important for your health, so that you can live a healthy life. If you didn’t have food, I wouldn’t call it home.
Love is an important thing in life because if you didn’t have it then nobody would help you when you’re hurt, and you would have to do a lot of stuff alone. Love in my family is important. We all love each other, and help each other out when we need something. Food for my family is another important part of my home. I am grateful I have a lot of food for me and my family. In my family we all care about each other, even if we’re mad at each other, we still care about each other. Home is love, safety, and fun.