Grade 6


Home is for me

Home is where the Royal Canadian Mountain police send us .

I have lived in seven totally different provinces.I have lived in the country in a small town and the city. I have lived near the Atlantic ocean. I have lived near the Pacific ocean.I shared my backyard with wild animals. I shared my yard with a golf course.Everywhere I went I made friends and said goodbyes.

A sign hangs above my kitchen door that says…
Having someplace to go is home, having someone to love is a blessing.After all my moving, the one thing that stays the same is my family.

I have learned that a home is what you want it to be. It’s where I put on my p j’s every night and snuggle with my mom, dad, and two brothers. A house is a house but with the love of my family it turns into a home. No matter where it is.

Big house, small house, on an acreage or in the city. It does not matter. It only matters if your family is together in it.