Grade 5

Shoal Lake

Home Is Family

Home to me is where you can relax and feel safe. Home itself is part of the family because it is like a big mama bear protecting you from predators.You can spend quality time with your family. Home is so, so quiet you can take a big, big nap. Home is where all your memories take place and end. Home is where you can play some fun games.
The living room is my special place in my home. I love the living room because I can hang out with my family. I really love playing board games here. One of my favourite board game is Guess Who? I like winning because I feel so delighted. However, it’s so, so challenging to beat my family. Another reason I enjoy being in the living room is because we can watch movies and tv. I really like playing with my dog in the living room because there is lots of space to play with her.
I like the road in front of our home because I can play road hockey and drive my remote control car and do jumps. Also, if someone walks on the road my dog will go very crazy because she thinks it’s only her street. In addition, I like my yard because I can practice sports like baseball, soccer and basketball. We can also eat outside on a nice July sunny day.
If you don’t have a house remember your home is family.