Grade 5


Home Is Everything To Me

What home means to me
When I think of home I think of love
I feel so above,
I am so lucky to have a family
Without them life would be a tragedy,
My mom and dad are always there
They come with me everywhere,
Even in the darkest night
I always feel alright,

My home is where I eat and stay
Me and my sister always play,
I feel so bad for the poor
Every night when I lock my door,
My family’s there when I awake
I’m never afraid to make a mistake,

My home is always filled with music
We all dance and play everyday,
There are so many things I remember
And so many things that I treasure,
My home is always filled with happiness
When we fall asleep on the mattress,

A warm dinner made for me
Whenever my parents get home I yell “yippee!”
In my home we eat yummy food
In my home I am never undervalued,
My home is my base
My favourite place,
I wrote this poem for all to see
That my home is the most important thing to me.