Grade 4


Home Is Everything Like…

Home is where I live
Home is somewhere I can stay
It’s nice and warm and really cozy

At home I see my books and i like reading them
Home makes me feel good and safe and healthy
Home makes me feel cozy not lonely
With all my family here at home

I like the way my steps creak
When we look at my cozy home it is small
And when we are in side it is big

Home is where I see my dogs Sun and Snow
We go in the back yard and I throw them the ball
They like chasing other dogs at the dog park

At home I know the perfect spot to do my homework
I see my flowers drinking the water
When I’m at home I like playing with Sun and Snow

I can sleep wherever I want
Not at school
There is some privacy
There is a wall filled with photos

I enjoy being at home

Home is where I can
I know when my dad comes back he helps my mom tidy the house
When home is clean it is more cozy
When I get home I like doing my homework in the cozy sofa

I like home because there is everything I need for home to be a home