Grade 6


Home is Everything

Home is everything.
Home is where family is, and where you can welcome your friends. They accept you for who you are, and love you even if you have made a million mistakes. If you had a rough day, home is the #1 place to stay. Your mom and dad will support you when the bullies have attacked. They will keep you warm with their loving hugs and kisses. Home is the place where you can be yourself, it’s your happy place. Not where you feel like you have to fake everything. You can blast the music all the way to 50, and dance like a crazy person, read all the books, or play a board game with your brother. Home is a safe place. Where there is running water, a bed, blanket, pillow to sleep with, food, and comfort. Home is where safety and comfort is. When I see someone without that, it breaks me. I want to give them my home. I want to give them my everything, because home is everything.